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Train wreck interview: Attorney General caught completely unprepared

The state’s top lawmaker has been embarrassed in an interview, caught completely unaware of a huge legal decision happening in court today.

The State Parole Authority is deciding whether sex offender Douglas James Wade should be released on parole.

Wade was sentenced to 36 years behind bars for the 1989 murder and rape of a 22-month-old girl in southern NSW.

If released, Wade intends to move back to the area where he committed the heinous crime.

Victims advocate Howard Brown, The Daily Telegraph, Ray Hadley and Corrective Services Minister David Elliott have been speaking about the case all week.

But when asked for an update by Ray Hadley, Mr Speakman hadn’t even heard of it.

“I’m not familiar with this case. If it’s as you described, it’s deeply concerning,” says the Attorney General.

Ray was shocked, to say the least.

“I’m absolutely astounded that the state’s top law officer doesn’t know about one of the most horrendous cases we’ve been dealing with for more than a week.

“You come on my program today and say, ‘Ray, I’m not aware of this’. Have you been on holidays or something?”

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The Attorney General isn’t the only one to be embarrassed this week, with the judicial system under fire over a number of issues.

Mr Speakman admits the public has been let down.

“The system has taken a couple of hits. Pretty bad hits.

“We have the tightest bail laws in Australia but obviously they’re not foolproof.

“These incidents are isolated but of course, if the allegations are correct, they’re devastating.”