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Top doctor calls for calm as coronavirus leads to widespread panic

Panic about the coronavirus is escalating in Australia as Toilet Paper-Gate leaves supermarket shelves empty.

NSW has declared its 15th case of coronavirus as it appears children around the world are less likely to be affected by the illness.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly spoke to Ray Hadley about the realities of the impact of coronavirus on Australians.

“At this stage, there is no reason for people to be changing what they would normally do.

“There’s certainly no need to stock up on food etcetera because that’s the way we get shortages.”

Professor Kelly says the hysteria around this disease is unnecessary as not everyone will contract coronavirus even as it spreads across the globe.

“No infectious disease like this throughout the history of humanity has ever caused 100 percent of people to get sick.

“What we know about the virus so far is about 80 percent of people basically get a mild cold, but there is that 20 percent or so, and more likely in older people, that can become more severe.”

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