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Top cyber crime expert’s warning for the future

A top cybersecurity expert has warned law enforcement agencies around the world of the very real threats posed by criminals and terrorists online.

Marc Goodman, founder of the Future Crimes Institute and a global strategist, says criminals have always been early adopters of technology.

He tells Alan Jones he was concerned about the future of crime and terrorism in the digital space.

“They have no bureaucracies, no budget, they are not constrained by the law, regulations or any such thing.”

“Now we are seeing our first billion-dollar criminal enterprises.

“There’s something called Ransomware, which is a means of infecting your computer with a virus, taking over all of your files and holding them ransom from you so you have to pay up  if you want access to your own data.”

Mr Goodman is in Sydney for the Singularity University Australia summit.

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