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Top cop warns off protesters as he attempts to block more planned protests

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Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is warning people to stay away from upcoming protests as they attempt to block them in the Supreme court.

Last weekend about 20,000 people protested in the Sydney CBD after the Court of Appeal overturned a Supreme Court decision deeming the protest unlawful during the coronavirus pandemic.

But now two more protests have been planned for this weekend.

The first is an unauthorised protest of about 3000 people organised for Friday, while another protest group have put in an application for a rally on Saturday.

Mr Fuller told Ben Fordham the police will not tolerate large gatherings.

“We can’t do anything to stop 3000 people turning up, Ben, but this is not like last week.

“We will start writing tickets of $1000 and we can use all of our powers to move people on and if you don’t move on well then you’ll be arrested.”

But he says they will be fighting the second protest in court.

“We know that the organisers can’t control the numbers. We know that they cant meet the health obligations that are in place for everyone else.

“It’s just not reasonable that there are two standards, so we will take this to the Supreme Court today.

“Don’t turn up, find other ways to protest.”

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Image: Getty/Ryan Pierse