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‘Too early to take the foot off the brake’: Top doctor warns of COVID-19 complacency

Whilst Australian states and territories are doing well to flatten the curve of the coronavirus outbreak, health professionals are stressing Australians should not get complacent with restrictions.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly spoke to Ray Hadley about the reality of needing to continue with social distancing and bans on non-essential travel.

“I think we’ve done really well as a society to get to where we are now, we’ve got a bit of breathing space.

“But it’s too early to take the foot off the brake.”

Professor Kelly wants to stress to all Australians, that Easter is not the time to be going out to visit friends and family or travelling into rural areas.

“It’s time to stay at home, enjoy your family, but really have a very different Easter this year.”

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In terms of the NRL, Professor Kelly says they should be thinking about the future but at the moment we need to stay where we are.

“I miss my Ruby league like you do… but we have to be sensible as a society and work out what is the best for all of us.”

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