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Tony Abbott: Election ‘very difficult to win’ without party reform

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is again calling for major Liberal Party reform if it’s to win the next state and federal elections.

On Saturday the NSW Liberals State Council will convene at Sydney’s Town Hall to decide upon Mr Abbott’s ‘Warringah motion’.

The motion would give every party member a vote in preselections, rather than allowing faction leaders and power brokers to decide who enters parliament.

It was passed at a state meeting last July but must now pass the state council to be enacted.

Mr. Abbott says the reforms are crucial if the Liberals are to retain government.

“This is a watershed and if we’re serious about engaging with people, we’ve got to mobilise our membership first.

“If we can’t do that it’s going to be very difficult to win the next elections both at the state and federal level.”

The member for Warringah has also expressed his dismay at the party’s decision not to run a candidate in the Batman by-election saying you’ve got to be in it to win it.

“We should be very reluctant to abandon the field. There should not be an election where we don’t have someone there to carry our values and our policies into battle.”

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