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Tony Abbott condemns Senator Fraser Anning’s ‘lunatic’ comments

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Former prime minister Tony Abbott has denounced Senator Fraser Anning’s “lunatic” comments over the Christchurch terror attack.

50 people were murdered when far-right extremist Brenton Tarrant when on a shooting spree at two different mosques.

Just hours after the attacks, Mr Anning published a media release blaming the massacre on Muslim immigration.

During a follow-up media conference, he was attacked with an egg by a 17-year-old boy.

The government and Opposition will formally condemn the Senator in federal parliament next month.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott tells Ray Hadley Fraser Anning has no place in parliament.

“The atrocity in Christchurch has nothing whatsoever to do with Muslim immigration and everything to do with irrational hatred.

“And to suggest otherwise is just wrong.

“So, of course it was a lunatic thing to say and he deserves censure.

“He fluked his way into the parliament and he won’t last, there’s no doubt about that.”

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Ray Hadley has condemned Senator Anning and One Nation leader Pauling Hanson, who says she won’t vote on a censure motion against him.

“The man is lowlife scum. That’s all he is.

“Completely surrendering any, any, any support.

“And people who support him, well you’re in the same boat.

“And if Pauline Hanson has read this statement… and is not prepared to support a censure motion… well, she’s not the woman I thought she was.”

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