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Tony Abbott condemns Senator Fraser Anning’s ‘extremist’ protest

Steve Price
Article image for Tony Abbott condemns Senator Fraser Anning’s ‘extremist’ protest

Pressure is mounting on Queensland Senator Fraser Anning after he attended a far-right rally in Melbourne.

Mr Anning used taxpayer money to travel to Victoria and stand alongside about 100 extremist protesters, including several making the Nazi salute.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned the demonstration as an ugly racial protest.

Senator Anning hit back, claiming those making the Nazi gesture were anti-racism protesters, despite very clear evidence to the contrary.

Former PM Tony Abbott tells Steve Price, “something like that should have no place in any decent and civilised society”.

“Certainly I think it was pretty poor judgement for the Senator to go to Victoria on the taxpayer for something like this.

“We’re all against soft-touch policing, we’re all against kid-glove policing, but that doesn’t mean that we should be supporting extremists, of the left or the right.”

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