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‘Time to bite the bullet’: Jim Wilson demands mandatory masks on public transport

Jim Wilson has been calling for weeks to make wearing a mask on public transport mandatory.

Jim has renewed his push following the recent NSW Health advice concerning new COVID-19 cases travelling around Sydney on public transport.

“In light of the risks on buses and trains, I think it’s long overdue to make face masks on public transport compulsory.

“Surely, it’s time to bite the bullet and minimise the risk of the virus spreading.”

UNSW strategic health policy consultant, Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell told Jim Wilson he is “quite right to be supportive of it over these weeks”.

Professor Bowtell said, “the evidence and the science from around the world … is compellingly clear” that masks should be mandatory in environments where there’s a greater risk of contracting COVID-19, such as on public transport.

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