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Thousands of free fish meals handed out by Sydney business

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Sydney seafood wholesaler Poulos Bros has been handing out thousands of free meals to out-of-work hospitality workers.

Over the last five weeks, ‘hospos’ have been lining up around the Sydney Fish Market block to receive a package of fish, along with the occasional hot chips and dressings.

Many hospitality workers have found themselves unemployed following bar and restaurant closures during the coronavirus crisis.

Celebrity chef Lauren Murdoch, now out of work herself, picked up some free fresh snapper today.

She’s a long-time customer of Poulos Bros and told Deborah Knight she’s grateful for the support.

“They have always had the best service over everyone, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me for them to be doing something so generous.”

The brothers are determined not to gain publicity from their selfless act, but Deb believes it’s a cause “worth shouting out about”.

“It’s a really small thing but it means so much.”

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