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Resources Minister: Those who think coal market is dead ‘don’t understand numbers’

Resources Minister Matt Canavan is backing the government’s National Energy Guarantee but maintains the era of coal is far from over.

Minister Canavan says Australia’s coal is the best in the world and “those that think the coal market are dead don’t understand numbers”.

He says although renewable energy has a place in Australia’s future, we can’t rely on a “part-time” power source.

“As you know, and know well, wind and solar aren’t 24/7 power. They only work part-time.

The Resources Minister says he’s not in the business of looking 30 years down the track, telling Chris Smith we need to make the right calls today.

“We do need to make the right decisions now to secure our power supplies and make sure we don’t lose jobs in our manufacturing sector.

“And right now… if we were to put all our eggs in the renewable basket that would mean that on cloudy, windless days, things would stop.”

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The Minister for Northern Australia has also weighed on this week’s State of Origin clash, revealing how the Pollies Queensland vs New South Wales friendly fared yesterday afternoon.

“Unfortunately Chris, for you, we just got up 3-2 in the end,” Mr Canavan says.