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This question had our resident scientist stumped

One listener managed to stump our scientist today when he called into Chris Smith’s show to ask a question about a billy can.

He described how an old friend used to pull a billy can out of the open fire and place it on the palm of his hand without any pain.

So why doesn’t a billy can full of boiling water burn your hand?

Ben Lewis from Australia’s Science Channel couldn’t give an answer.

“This one, I will admit, I am slightly stumped by. Part of it might come down to the amount of heat the billy absorbs, but then also that the billy can release as well.

“But if I can have 24 hours to have a little bit more thinking time I can come up with a better answer than that.

“I love a challenge!”

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Another listener rang in to offer a possible explanation.

John thinks the man could have been holding a bag of ice before touching the billy can.

“It doesn’t matter what the temperature of the billy can is, it matters what the temperature of his fingertips and his skin [is].”

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