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This KFC has nothing to do with the Colonel

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In the spirit of yesterday’s North Korean summit, Chris Smith has decided it’s a good time to let his listeners know about KFC…

And no, we’re not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We’re talking Korean fried chicken.

Joined by his own self-appointed Korean correspondent and Associate Producer to the Chris Smith Show, Harnsle Joo takes Chris through the ins and outs of this popular Korean snack.

Harnsle tells Chris unlike most fried chicken, Koreans don’t soak theirs in buttermilk.

“We don’t soak it in buttermilk at all, we barely season it before we fry it.”

She says one key feature is its “thin batter”.

But she admits the best thing about Korean fried chicken is that it’s never just the chicken.

“This is the best thing about Korean fried chicken, you can’t just have the chicken. You have to have it with some ice cold Korean beer and some pickled radish.

“It’s the combination of the flavours, the hot and the cold, the spicy and the salt.”

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