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‘This is the only way’: Deputy Premier’s answer to the energy debate

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The New South Wales deputy premier has renewed calls for nuclear energy, saying it’s “the only way” forward.

A new report by the Minerals Council of Australia is calling for legislated discrimination of uranium to be repealed.

Alan Jones says this is the biggest issue facing Australians right now.

“There is no denying the urgency with which the voting public regard two critical issues; energy and water,” he says.

“Both of them have the potential to accelerate or destroy economic growth as never before.”

NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro says there is an answer to Australia, and the world’s, energy debate.

He tells Alan Jones nuclear power is “the future”.

“We’ve been stuck in a rut here, fixated on ideology rather than watching what’s happening across the globe, where technology is leading the transition to new technology around nuclear reactors.

“We can deal with the waste, we can deal with the cost, we can make it efficient.

“If you’re focused on decarbonising the environment, well this is the only way that you’ll get maximum impact.

“Baseload power, reliable power, at an affordable price.”

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