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Third generation dairy farmer goes viral with emotional farewell video

A third-generation dairy farmer has posted an emotional farewell to her herd on social media, and it’s gone viral.

“This is a video I hoped I would never have to film,” she says.

“It has come to a point, where our family, we’ve had to make the decision, it’s it for us.”

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Casey Treloar from South Australia says her family farm “doesn’t have a future anymore”.

“At some stage, there will be no more family farms in Australia,” she says in the video.

Casey says her family only makes 38 cents a litre across the year, a price she says is “completely unsustainable”.

She tells Ben Fordham “it hasn’t improved for the last 10 years”.

“It has become too much.

“It’s been devastating for the whole family, but I think especially for my dad, it’s something that he’s been so passionate about.”

Casey says one of the biggest struggles is finding buyers for the cattle.

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