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‘They’ll do everything to play’: Billy Slater supports the NRL’s coronavirus strategy

The future of footy is still up in the air as round 2 of the NRL is set to go ahead this week with a fan lockout. 

Rugby League legend Billy Slater tells Mark Levy that players are worried about their family’s health rather than their own.

There is financial pressure on both the NRL and the players but Slater says they’ll do everything they can to run out on the field.

“If [the players] know, well they would know, that their payments can be reduced, if not ceased, if the NRL season has to come to a halt or be reduced, I’m sure they’ll do everything to play as long as it’s in a safe environment.”

Slater says the players are still living their lives as normal so someone getting an infection is likely to happen sooner or later.

“I think it’s inevitable someone’s going to get it at some stage. It’s just about managing it and playing for as long as we can in a safe environment and dealing with the situation as it comes.”

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On a more positive note, Slater is full of praise for Latrell Mitchell, despite coming off the field early. 

Slater says “I thought it was always planned. When he came off, it didn’t look like he had an injury. He was actually in some great touch.

“Latrell’s off-the-ball stuff will be the most important to his team, and he’s doing that really well. “

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