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‘They want to save their own jobs’: Resources Minister exposes QLD Premier’s Adani move

The Minister for Resources says the Premier of Queensland’s Adani decision is in the government’s best interest.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has requested Adani Australia CEO Lucas Dow and the independent regulator meet with the Coordinator-General to provide a definitive time frame for the Adani project’s approval by Friday.

Ross Greenwood has said the move exposes the Premier after Labor’s federal election loss.

“There’s nothing more hollow than a politician who has held something up and realises that the electorate has changed its opinion about you, to make you suddenly have a different opinion about a project.”

Minister for Resources Matt Canavan tells Ross Greenwood he wants to see results.

“We don’t want meetings, we want action.

“The Queensland government’s woken up… not because they want to save jobs in Queensland, it’s just because they want to save their own jobs now.”

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