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‘They saved my mum’s life’: The link between Dr Charlie Teo and Mick Gatto


The son of a patient of Dr Charlie Teo has come out in defence of the neurosurgeon.

Several allegations of misconduct were made against Dr Teo in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Teo responded to the allegations, claiming he was “surprised and disappointed” by the story, which he says was poorly researched and relied on nameless sources.

The article questioned his relationship with Melbourne underworld figure Mick Gatto, who hosted a fundraising dinner for Dr Teo’s foundation in 2012.

But the man who brought the two high-profile figures together has come to the defence of the neurosurgeon.

Charlie Meo tells Ben Fordham he feels responsible for the controversy, having introduced the two men in a desperate attempt to save his mother’s life.

“If someone told you your mum only had so much time to live, what would you do?

“Mick Gatto and Charlie Teo have been nothing but gentlemen… they saved my mum’s life.

“To read what I’ve read today, I’ve had a breakdown, my dad’s had a breakdown.”

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Mr Meo says Dr Teo extended his mother’s life by at least six years after she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

He gets emotional as he recalls how Dr Teo personally footed the bill for his mother’s second surgery.

“He did it out of his own pocket.”


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