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‘They can shut up!’: Corrective Services’ scathing response to Ivan Milat’s family

The Corrective Services Minister is insisting that the taxpayer should not pay a single cent for the funeral of notorious serial killer Ivan Milat.

In a letter opened after his death, Milat insisted taxpayers foot the bill for his funeral.

“Please don’t pay for my funeral services or contribute in any way,” the killer wrote to his brother.

“(Corrective Services NSW) to fund it all. A pauper’s burial or whatever is suitable. I have assured the commissioner of CS of NSW of my wishes.”

Corrective Services Minister Anthony Roberts Anthony Roberts tells Ben Fordham it is up to the family to pay for the funeral.

“If they’re not going to stump up the cash well they can shut up!

“If the Milat family is so incensed about this they can go start a GoFundMe campaign to bury Milat.”

“We will not be contributing a cent… he has cost the taxpayer millions of dollars and quite frankly I’m not moving on this.”

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But Mr Roberts concedes the taxpayer could end up paying for the funeral.

“If NSW police determine that Milat is destitute then NSW Health would be required to arrange a funeral director for burial or cremation.”