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These foods may sound disgusting but people swear by them

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Many of us have odd food preferences we absolutely love but repulses others.

Chris Smith admits his secret food shame when he was in university was a coca-cola with whipped cream mixed in.

“Don’t ask me why… it repulses me to think about it.”

Food delivery service Uber Eats has released a list of their top weird food requests.

“When it comes to weird food preferences, well this is just a shocker,” says Chris Smith.

“Someone ordered a milkshake with a side of ranch dressing.

“I couldn’t imagine ranch dressing tasting any good with a milkshake.”

Other odd requests on the list include:

“This is my boyfriend’s Valentine’s gift. It would be amazing if you could play ‘Africa’ by Toto when you deliver the donuts. You don’t have to play the whole thing, really just the chorus.”

“Please send all sandwich parts separately. I will put together myself.”

“Bacon extra extra extra crispy; if you try to bend the bacon and it breaks then it is perfect! Just short of burned is another good way to describe it.”

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It turns out Chris’s team have their own weird food preferences.

His panel operator Gavin enjoyed eating a sausage roll in a finger bun during his school years.

Whereas, his producers say it’s very Australian to dip your fries into soft-serve ice-cream.

Listeners shared their own odd food creations, with Michael saying he loves a sausage roll in a salad sandwich if he ever wants to treat himself.

Whereas, Eva called in to suggest salt and vinegar chips with plain yogurt as her culinary indulgence.

“It is amazing!” says Eva.

Picture description: An unusual Thai version of an ice cream sandwich, coconut flavored ice cream inside a white bread bun, is a street food sold as a snack in Thailand