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“There’s been a massive amount of mismanagement there”: Brad Fittler takes aim

The NRL season was suspended on Monday but league legend and coach Brad Fittler is confident the game will survive.

He tells Mark Levy the clubs will probably shrink but this will give them an opportunity to manage their money.

“We’ll get through it, there’ll be rugby league on the other end, but I think it’ll be a game that looks extremely different to what it does at the moment.

“I think you’ll find rugby league will turn into a shrinky dink and the amount of staff clubs had monitoring and looking after their players.

“The league, I think it’s shown that there’s been an incredible mismanagement of money.

“The fact we talk about billion-dollar tv rights, it just feels like there’s been a massive amount of mismanagement there.” 

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Image: Getty/Matt King