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‘The world is not coming to an end’: Peter Dutton


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has endorsed Scott Morrison’s UN speech defending his government’s record on climate change.

The Prime Minister didn’t offer any new commitments to reduce carbon emissions and stood by the government’s current policies.

“Australia is doing our bit on climate change and we reject any suggestion to the contrary,” he said.

This comes after teenage activist Greta Thunberg gave an impassioned speech at the climate summit accusing world leaders of not doing enough.

Mr Dutton tells John Stanley Australia is doing the best it can.

“We need to be realistic about what we’re doing and going overboard and closing down the economy is not in our national interest or anybody else’s.

“I think our teachers have a special responsibility to make sure the kids are being taught a balanced argument, the world is not coming to an end.”

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Image: Getty/Bloomberg