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The Wiggles release a new ‘Social Distancing’ song

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Beloved children’s entertainers The Wiggles are helping to explain the importance of keeping our distance amid the COVID-19 outbreak with a new song.

The Wiggles have released a new ‘Social Distancing’ song to help children understand what it means and why we need to stay at home.

Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins tells Deborah Knight, “keeping space from people is something that’s really difficult for children to understand, especially when they are already at home”.

“So that’s why we wrote this social distancing song, to explain to children other areas that might be problematic, like going to their friend’s house, or a party, or not being able to go and see their grandparents on the weekend.”

Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field tells Deborah, “we tried to put it in a positive spin, so if you wash your hands during the day then you become a hand-washing superhero”.

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Image: YouTube/The Wiggles