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The truth behind this photo that has the internet experts up in arms

NSW Police have revealed the truth behind this photo after they were slammed online for ‘strip-searching’ a child.

People began blowing up about the photo when it was circulated on social media this morning.

It shows a police officer pulling up the shirt of a 13-year-old boy while searching him near Blacktown train station.

The usual armchair critics were quick to attack officers for their “abhorrent behaviour” against a seemingly innocent young boy.

Well… NSW Police have now explained the full story behind the photo.

They say the officers stopped a group of three adults and two boys, who are ‘very well known’ to police, with a long list of property and drug-related offences to their name.

No items of interest were found after they conducted standard person searches, not strip searches, and the group was free to go.

“For those bagging police,” says Ben Fordham, “move along, there’s nothing to see here!”

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