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The top three marriage deal breakers have been revealed

Divorce is a reality for many Australians but a new survey indicates why most marriages are breaking down.

A survey of over 43,000 women unveiled the major deal breakers, with differing life goals being at the top of the list.

Infidelity comes in at second, with constant arguing also among the primary problems.

Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor Melissa Ferrari says as a society we’re becoming more isolated and that’s impacting how we interact with our partners.

“People are tending to turn away from each other a little bit, which is fine if you can turn towards your partner,” she tells Ben Fordham.

“But I think what’s showing up is… people are tending to find a lot of the transitions that are happening in the world are causing a rift.”

Melissa says we’re also entering relationships expecting them to be smooth sailing when the reality is very different.

“We come into marriage, or we come into relationships, expecting it to be easy, and the reality is… actually having to deal with each other.”

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