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‘The time has come to ban boxing’: New boxing laws bashed

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New laws unveiled today to stop deaths in boxing may not go far enough, some critics claim.

A new range of boxing reforms have been announced in an attempt to make boxing safer after the tragic death of 28-year-old father Davey “Dynamite Davey” Browne three years ago.

Davey was knocked out 30 seconds into a 12-round international featherweight title fight in 2015 at Ingleburn RSL.

He suffered bleeding on the brain and died in hospital three days later.

The new “Davey’s Law” will include a condition that referees and doctors attend a pre-fight meeting with boxing officials where they have to agree to an “injured combatant evacuation plan”.

Australian boxing legend, Jeff Fenech, tells Ben Fordham “there’s still one thing missing… competency of the referees”.

“What they’re doing now is nothing, they’ve got to have people that are in that ring who know when somebody is getting hit in the head and then they’ve got to stop it”

“It’s not going to change until you have people in that boxing ring that are capable of looking after the fighters.”

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Off the back of Jeff’s comments, sporting commentator Peter Fitzsimons called in to tell Ben “the time has come to ban boxing”.

“When you think about it and you see what the results are, just to say ‘No… let’s ban boxing because it is too dangerous and the after effects of people that have had their brains battered for too long are terrible.”

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