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The ‘terrible lesson’ the Royals were forced to learn

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The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex have received a warm welcome since they touched down in Australia last week.

“I think it’s fair to say Harry and Meghan have become our favourite royals,” Chris Smith says.

“They seem genuinely in love.”

But their union would have been outlawed just a few decades ago, with royal marriages once having strict protocols.

Australian historian and author of Royal Marriages Susanna De Vries tells Chris Smith the British royals learned a “terrible lesson” when Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage broke down.

“We had the golden wedding of Charles and Diana which all went terribly wrong,” she says.

“They learned a terrible lesson, that saying princes had to marry virgin aristocrats who they scarcely knew was not working out.

“Everything changed when Camilla was allowed to marry Charles, who he’d been in love with for years and William was allowed to marry Kate, who is middle-class.”

Susanna also weighs in on why Australians are so smitten with Meghan.

“I think she just got all the things that are perfect in a princess. She’s very intelligent. She’s got this wonderful, warm personality.

“She’s got, absolutely, the Diana spirit and this is what people are responding to in Australia.”

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