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The ‘silent illness’ Alan Jones says we need to talk about

Alan Jones says mental health among our farmers is a “silent illness” that needs to be spoken about.

The winners of the 2019 Queensland Men’s Health Awards have been announced to mark the beginning of Men’s Health Week.

Runner-up Mary O’Brien runs a website Are you bogged mate? to raise awareness around men’s health.

She tells Alan Jones, with the drought worsening, this year has been particularly tough.

Mary says it was a farmer who gave her the idea for the original name.

“One of them said ‘I don’t know how you get that bogged down’ and something in my brain said well it is like getting bogged.

“I guess the analogy has given them another way to talk about that.

“I’ve had blokes ring me and say ‘I’m not bogged but the wheels are spinning’, so it is starting that conversation.”

Alan says mental health among our farmers needs to be addressed.

“I think this story is so important.

“We’ll keep talking to you because, in these circumstances, in the bush where drought has enveloped us, it is a silent illness this.”

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