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The Return and Earn rort costing NSW taxpayers thousands

Used drink containers are being carted into New South Wales from other states as part of an organised rort of our trouble container deposit scheme.

Bob Mathews owns four IGA stores along the New South Wales-Victorian border and he’s been a critic of Return and Earn from day one.

He says his customers have started buying their drinks down the road in Victoria to avoid paying the added Return and Earn levy.

Bob tells Ben Fordham trucks with Victorian number plates packed full of drink containers are being brought into the state to get the 10 cent refund.

“We’re talking about thousands. The punters are paying for it.

“These people are coming across, not paying [the levy] and getting the money back.”

He says to avoid the problem, the collection points need to be at council depots.

“So that people can walk up and if they’re Victorian cars, they don’t get their money.

“That’s what happens in South Australia.”

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