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The Queensland MP hitting back at PC war on gendered language

A Queensland MP is battling political correctness, introducing a new law into the state’s parliament to protect everyday people from punishment if they use gendered language.

Katter’s Australia Party leader Robbie Katter will introduce the ‘He Said She Said’ Bill after it was revealed university students were being marked down for using gendered pronouns like “he” and “she” in their papers.

Mr Katter tells Ben Fordham people should be able to use the traditional terms they’re used to without fear of punishment.

“We had a vote here in the parliament about using the terms that are gender fluid and what we’re saying is, you can use those terms if you want but don’t force everyone to not use the ones we’re used to.”

He says tolerance should go “both ways”.

“We expect that we’ll cop a lot of criticism for this sort of thing. But we just feel that someone needs to give a counterpoint to this sort of stuff in parliament.”

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