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‘The problem is so horrific’: Policeman exposes heartbreaking reality of deadly festival

An exhausted police officer has vowed never to work at a deadly electronic music festival again because the abuse of drugs has become so severe.

The Defqon 1 music festival hit headlines this week after two people died from drug overdoses at the event.

Of the 30,000 people who attended the festival in Penrith, 700 sought medical help and 69 were caught with drugs.

The Minister for Western Sydney has vowed the deadly festival won’t return to the Sydney International Regatta Centre and an expert panel will be established to ensure safety at future festivals.

Caller Tony, who is currently a policeman, rang the open line in despair.

He tells Chris Smith he won’t work at the events ever again because of the drug-induced tragedies he’s seen unfold before his very eyes.

“I have kids, the age of many of those who populate what I could only call a cesspit of deceit.

“These aren’t dance festivals, I don’t care what anyone says.

“The thing is that most of them come in drug-affected anyway. No matter what we do and how hard the police work, it’s so hard on police.”

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Tony says what he’s had to witness in his years as an officer “defies description” and much of it is to do with drugs.

“The problem is so horrific out there that we need many more police to even be able to touch the surface,” he says.

“The deaths will continue. I’ve watched people who have overdosed die in front of me.”