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The NZ Warriors have touched down, and they’re ready to train

The New Zealand Warriors have been cleared by biosecurity, settling into their new temporary home in Tamworth.

Warriors head coach Stephen Kearney told Mark Levy and Billy Slater the team was greeted to a very warm welcome from fans and the media.

“I thought they were waiting for the Queen to arrive!” Mr Kearney said.

Hooker Nathaniel Roache was forced to stay behind after experiencing flu-like symptoms, but has since tested negative to COVID-19.

He and the team’s families are expected to follow by the time the competition starts.

“Hopefully some of the biosecurity measures will have loosened off by then.

“The 14 days of isolation … stuck in the hotel room with children would be pretty hard going.”

Mr Kearney says despite being confined to online check-ins with his players, and a further week of non-contact training in groups of 10 upon arrival in Australia, the Warriors will persevere.

“I’m confident that in [the] two weeks, three weeks before the competition starts that we’ll be able to get them in a decent enough position.

“I’m just happy to have them out on the field.”

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With coronavirus cases plateauing, biosecurity restrictions may be eased far enough to allow crowds to attend the Grand Final.

However, debate has broken out over a possible venue change, with the Grand Final date expected to clash with World Twenty20 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Billy Slater weighed in, telling Mark Levy the Grand Final should be held at the venue with the best atmosphere.

“Give it to our best venue. Grand Finals are about atmosphere, don’t let politics get in the road.”

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Image: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images