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‘The mistake of his political career’: Trump facing huge opposition from his own supporters

US President Donald Trump is facing pushback from his own supporters over his decision to pull US forces out of Syria.

Turkey has begun a military offensive in northern Syria to seize territory held by Kurdish forces after President Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from the area.

Even conservative voices who normally support Trump have expressed their dismay over the decision, seen as an abandonment of one of America’s closest allies which could lead to the resurgence of ISIS.

Alan Jones’ US Correspondent Harley Carnes says some conservative members of Congress may even turn their backs on Trump.

“[Trump’s] message to the Kurds was ‘you’re on your own, we’re done, we’re leaving’. This was an atypical message for an American Commander in Chief. 

“You might expect it out of Obama, but not out of Trump. He’s getting an awful lot of pushback on Capitol Hill.

“If this doesn’t turn out well, and there’s no indication that it’s going to with the Kurds under attack already, I think the President may have made the mistake of his political career.”

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But retired Major General Jim Molan says he doesn’t believe there will be a full-scale military clash between the Kurds and Turks.

“This is your classic Middle East typical problem where there are no good solutions.

“We’ve got to accept that the withdrawal of US Forces is inevitable.

“My prediction would be that Turkey will not push past the border that the Americans and the Turks have obviously agreed to.”

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Image: Alex Edelman/Bloomberg/Getty