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The luxury car Australians can’t get enough of

The McLaren 720S  will set you back just over half a million dollars.

Car expert Jeremy Clarkson raves about the two-seater and Australians are becoming more and more interested in getting a McLaren model for themselves.

The company saw a 20% increase in Australian sales last year so what makes them so special?

Managing Director of McLaren Asia Pacific, George Biggs, tells Ross Greenwood their models appeal to car enthusiasts who want to take their driving experience to the next level.

“As we’ve grown and as that momentum has built we’ve delivered even better products year on year.

“In Australia, we’ve now got three dealerships across the country.

“We’ve seen in Australia a huge amount of interest from those people that have maybe had other luxury cars before and maybe want to graduate into what McLaren can provide.”

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