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‘The height of hypocrisy’: Bronwyn Bishop slams unions

Luke Grant
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The Unions are being criticised for failing on their own movement for gender pay equality.

A Menzies Research centre study has found the gender pay gap in each of Australia’s largest unions is up to 20.38 per cent in the highest paid positions.

The study found female union officials are being paid on average $36,000 a year less than their male colleagues.

The research comes after Labor floated the idea of companies with more than 1000 employees being directed to publicly declare their gender pay gap.

Former federal speaker Bronwyn Bishop tells Luke Grant “there are plenty of reports that businesses are required to make about gender issues already”.

“We don’t need it to be added to.

“For the unions to come out and demand that private sector behave in one way… whereas they themselves have a great big beam in their eye is actually the height of hypocrisy.”

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While Ms Bishop has rejected the need for gender pay gap reporting she admits in “the public sector there is parity of pay, but in the private sector it can be more difficult”.

“But, I don’t think this reporting idea would in any way enhance the situation.”