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‘We are ashamed’: The heartbreaking letter from a bankrupt farmer

The widespread drought is devastating farmers around the country, driving them to depression and bankruptcy.

Nationals MP Damian Drum has received a heartbreaking letter from a dairy farmer whose family have gone broke after they could not secure a loan from the bank and were forced to sell their farm.

The farmer’s wife, who wished to remain anonymous, writes about the impact the change had on her children.

“We are ashamed, we are gutted and we are so horribly depressed,” she wrote.

“Over the following week, we had to break the news to the kids.

“Our son cried and cried, I have never seen him so upset, we broke his heart, the farm that he was going to take over had been taken away from him and that was our fault.

“We had let our family down.”

Mr Drum tells Ben Fordham the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder holds large amounts of water that should be available to farmers.

“We have created this pain as a man-made type of drought.

“It’s cold-hearted that they have turned their back on our farmers.

“They have had so much water up their sleeve that they didn’t need and we were begging them… to put this water on the market to enable our farmers to purchase it… and they simply said no.”

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