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The forgotten female heroes of Australia’s war history

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100 years ago, Villers-Bretonneux was the scene of one of the most crucial and bloody battles of World War One, the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux.

But there was one group who contributed greatly to the fight for freedom that receives little recognition.

2,600 Australian nurses were sent to WWI to care, mend, heal and support soldiers injured in the line of duty.

Susanna De Vries, Australian historian and author of Australian Heroines of World War One is now putting the spotlight on these women.

“They came back to Australia and it was really sad, they were really forgotten,” she tells Chris Smith.

“The fact that there wouldn’t have been an RSL if they hadn’t of saved so many men seemed to escape everybody.”

She says more praise needs to be given to the efforts of war nurses.

“We should make more effort to remember them.

“In current conflicts, I don’t know even now war nurses get their due.

“They do such heroic work.”

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