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The ‘bizarre’ new laws driving families to financial ruin

Ray Hadley has hit out at the Department of Planning after numerous grievances among NSW residents were brought to his attention.

In south-west and western Sydney, a restriction Ray labelled “bizarre” will soon force residents to make noise concessions for an airport runway which won’t be built until 2064.

Developers in communities as far apart as Leppington and South Penrith will be required to undertake a $10,000 “acoustic report”, Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone said.

“We can’t allow local communities, local mums and dads, to be pushed around by this.

“This is going to drive people to financial ruin.

“The state government, [with] no community consultation, just went ahead and did it.”

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Further south, the much-maligned koala SEPP at the centre of a coalition stoush has come under fire from residents of Appin.

Some homeowners have recently received notice their land has been reclassified for environmental protection, which resident Jason Breton claims there is no evidence to support.

“Appin Road’s been used as some kind of demarcation line for what is ecologically sensitive and what is … not.

“It’s just purely for convenience, Ray.”

Ray was flabbergasted by the seemingly arbitrary zoning.

“It sounds like a rort to me.

“One part of Appin wins the lottery, the other part are left with a sandshoe and a galosher!”

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