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The ‘biggest shortfall’ facing the aged care sector

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A royal commission into the aged care sector will undoubtedly place a spotlight on how much the Commonwealth pumps into the industry.

The federal government spends around 1 per cent of GDP on aged care, just shy of the OECD average.

The former age and disability discrimination commissioner, Susan Ryan, tells John Stanley the government should be spending more on aged care.

But the focus should be more on how the funds are allocated.

“As well as increasing what the public purse puts in, we really have to make sure that money is being efficiently used and directed to those who need it,” she says.

“The biggest shortfall I can see at this stage… is the lack of proper payment for the workers in residential aged care.

“They’re underpaid but also often undertrained.”

Ms Ryan says the industry is screaming out for more nurses but the calls aren’t being heard.

“We need more of our wonderful nurses in there but many of the aged care providers won’t pay for nurses.”

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