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The Big Guns: ‘It’s a poisoned chalice’

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been hit with his 30th consecutive Newspoll loss.

Big Guns Graham Richardson and Andrew Bolt weigh in on whether the PM will remain in leadership.

“Lose he will,” says Graham.

“The trajectory is clear.

“It’s a poisoned chalice.

He says Mr Turnbull had the opportunity to make good of the prime ministership but missed the mark.

“The word that is most associated with Malcolm Turnbull is ‘disappointment’.

“That has not changed.

“He just couldn’t make anyone in the country feel better.”

As for who would step up as Prime Minister in his place, Andrew says the options are slim.

“At the moment, not one candidate of the likey possibilities has got the ability to get people from the other side of the party to vote for them.”

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