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The Big Guns agree Kristina Keneally not up for the job of Shadow Home Affairs Minister

The Big Guns are astonished over Kristina Keneally’s position in the Shadow Ministry.

Former Labor powerbroker, Graham Richardson tells Ben Fordham the appointment of Kristina Keneally as Shadow Home Affairs Minister is “surprising”.

“It was going to be somewhat controversial no matter what she got.

“But Home Affairs is not the place that I would have thought she’d go.”

Political commentator Peta Credlin, who once shared a weekly TV show with Ms Keneally, tells Ben Fordham she’s well aware of Ms Keneally’s views on these issues.

“They are fundamentally soft views.

“There are some portfolios that suit different personalities.

“And some where you want someone that you are comfortable and confident that they are going to be absolutely hard-minded on an issue like this.

“And she is not that.”

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On the topic of asylum seekers, Ms Credlin says she isn’t surprised about six potential boats of refugees coming to Australia from Sri Lanka.

“They are so savvy these people, they go online and they see what the two sides of politics might offer but also the record of both sides of politics,” says Ms Credlin.

“With all the talk about the government likely to change hands in Australia…

“It doesn’t surprise me that going into that campaign… some of them were chancing their arm.”