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‘That’s the kind of arrogance you never survive,’ says Richardson on PM

Graham Richardson is calling out the Prime Minister over his disconnect with everyday Australians as support for the government crumbles.

The latest Fairfax Ipsos poll shows Labor has opened a 10 point lead over the Coalition after preferences.

“There’s a disconnect between this Prime Minister and the people who normally would be rusted on to support him and his party and that’s illustrated again in the Ipsos poll,” says Ray Hadley.

Graham Richardson is calling for the PM to go, saying Mr Turnbull doesn’t have “a connection with the country he leads”.

“The truth is, with this bloke, he doesn’t have much of connection with Australia,” he tells Ray.

“Malcolm Turnbull does not know what they’re going to talk about around the dinner tables tonight.

“I mean he thinks he can get away with giving to $443 million to that mob up there (The Great Barrier Reef Foundation) who didn’t even ask for it.

“That’s the kind of arrogance you never survive.

“I’ll vote Labor forever but I always hoped he’d go well because you hope your country’s going well.”

He says if the party doesn’t oust Malcolm Turnbull “they’re going to get routed”.

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