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‘That was our goal’: Why Matthew Leveson’s parents made a deal with the devil

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On September 23 2007, 20-year-old Matthew Leveson disappeared after a night out with his older boyfriend.

Two years after Matthew vanished, his then-boyfriend Michael Atkins was tried and acquitted of murder.

But Matthew’s parents, Mark and Faye Leveson, were sure there was more to it and Michael knew something.

For almost a decade, Mark and Faye searched for their son. They were desperate to bring him back home.

Eventually, they made the impossible decision to grant Atkins immunity to find out where their son was.

Matthew’s body was found in the Royal National Park in 2017, and while his were parents were devastated, they were finally able to put their son to rest.

Their agonising choice has been detailed in journalist Grace Tobin’s new book Deal with the Devil, and Mark reveals why they made ultimately made the call they did.

“It was explained to us, if we don’t do a deal, it’s probably lose-lose,” Mark tells Ben Fordham.

“If we did the deal there’s a chance we might get Matt back. And we thought it’s worth a chance.

“That was our goal, to bring him home, and now we’ve been able to go and do that.”

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The new book delves into the search for Matthew, touching on Atkins and his past.

When it comes to where Atkins is, after receiving his immunity, author Grace Tobin says no-one can be sure.

“Michael Atkins is still a free man. We believe he’s living up in Queensland at the moment.

“At this stage, there will be no ramifications for what he’s done to this family.”

Mark says it’s important for young gay men to know their son’s former boyfriend is walking free.

“He’s still out there… they’ve got to watch this bloke.”

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