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Telstra outage impacting thousands across the country

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The telco is investigating an issue impacting its mobile network, with customers complaining about outages to calls and data. 

Issues to the 3G and 4G network could also be impacting calls to Triple Zero or the Police Assistance Line.

Police have advised those affected to use a phone with another carrier or a landline to call emergency services.

Telstra has since said 000 calls will connect via other carriers’ networks.

The telco has issued Macquarie Media the following statement:

We are working to resolve an issue impacting some 4G mobile voice and data services nationally which is also causing congestion for 3G services.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We are still investigating the root cause. Calls to 000 will connect over other carriers’ networks where they have mobile coverage.

Mike Wright, Group Managing Director of Networks at Telstra, tells Ben Fordham it was a result of a “core network fault”.

He says the fault prevented customers from gaining access to the 4G network, which meant an overflow of traffic to the 3G service created a substantial slow down to the service.

“We’re working very hard to make sure things like this can’t happen again.”

He tells Ben the fault is unrelated to previous outages.

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