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Sydney University slammed for ‘ludicrous’ PC quota move

The best debaters at Sydney University could be bumped from the team as the institution sets quotas for minority groups including “non-cis males” and “wom*n”.

President of Sydney University’s Young Liberals Josh Crawford says the politically correct move is “ludicrous”.

He tells Ben Fordham the goal should be to field the best debating team, warning some of the best candidates could be shafted.

“The move is ridiculous.

“The goal of the University of Sydney Union should be to put up the most talented team possible to represent our students at this debate instead of playing this identity politics and telling people who work incredibly hard… that they don’t have the right skin colour [and] that’s why they can’t participate.”

Josh says members on the debating team have come forward with concerns are afraid of speaking out.

“They’re worried if they do so there’ll be recriminations.”

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