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Sydney shootings: Fears public could get caught up in gang violence

Police are cracking down on a spate of gun violence across Sydney. 

There have been five shootings in the space of four days, including two in Sydney’s south-west overnight.

In August there were 26 shootings.

Nine people, including three children, were inside a home in St Johns Park when shots were fired, and shots have also been fired at a Punchbowl unit.

Police have today announced new resources aimed at investigating the shootings.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Peter McKenna said there were a number of leads, and some shootings had organised crime and outlaw bikie links.

“There’s a tenuous link between a couple of the shootings,” he told Jim Wilson.

“The vast majority of shootings, no, they are not linked.

“We take these matters very, very seriously.”

Asked about his concerns for innocent people getting caught up in the violence, Acting Assistant Commissioner McKenna said they won’t stop until they bring it to an end.

“Absolutely we are concerned – there are very, very good people in these communities – they don’t need to put up with this. That’s why we are throwing all of the resources we can at it.”

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