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Sydney seeks COVID-19 workaround to unlock nightlife

Sydney is set to be transformed into a 24-hour community with a push to allow venues to operate outside due to the pandemic.

The NSW Government’s new 24hour Economy Strategy for Greater Sydney launched today, with detailed plans to revive Sydney’s nightlife.

James Hulme from the Committee for Sydney and author of the report ‘Sydney as a 24 hour City told Deborah Knight the current nightlife isn’t as “vibrant and lively as you would expect from a global city”.

“So, we’ve got to look at regulation, we’ve got to look at the way transport works at night.

“We’ve got to work at encouraging a diversity of activities at night, so not just about drinking.”

However, Mr Hulme admits the strategy isn’t completely compatible with our current COVID-19 restrictions.

“One of the results of COVID has been a demand for more outdoor dining … so things are heading in the right direction.”

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Jim Wilson raised concerns about crime increasing as the city stays open longer with Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres.

“A lot of callers to Deb’s program earlier this afternoon; people concerned about their safety with these changes that you want to implement. ”

Mr Ayres told Jim the opposite is expected to happen.

“We’ve seen right around the world, that where you bring more people into communities you diversify the offerings; you engineer safer spaces … you actually get a safer environment.”

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