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Sydney mayor has ‘no i-deer’ where inner west’s surprise visitors came from

One of the two deer that have been seen out and about in Sydney’s inner west have been found.

NSW Police and the RSPCA are on the lookout for the second.

Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne told Deborah Knight he has no idea how the deer made it to the streets.

“I note they’ve only been sighted so far in Balmain, Annandale and Leichhardt, so they’re smart enough not to have tried to cross Parramatta Road.”

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RSPCA NSW Inspector Tanya Dominguez said they were still on the lookout for the other deer, who might be in a backyard or park.

She said Sydney did have a big deer population.

“We don’t know [how they got there],” she said.

“We are thinking perhaps they have come down the train lane … it could have come from an area where there is more likely to be deer.”

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Image: ABC/Facebook