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Sydney hit with highest rate of housing stress in the country

Sydney has the highest rate of housing stress in Australia, impacting one in eight low and middle-income families.

A survey of more than 17,000 people across the country found 13 per cent of Sydney households are under pressure.

The Housing, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) report also indicates it isn’t much better in Brisbane, with 11 per cent of residents feeling the squeeze.

Professor Roger Wilkins authored the report and tells Chris Smith more people are renting in the private market as home ownership becomes more unattainable.

“This is very much connected to what’s been going on with house prices,” he says.

“In 2001, we had 23 per cent the population living in private rental accommodation. In 2016, it’s up to 28 per cent. It’s a big shift.”

The report also delved into household chores and how men and women are splitting household duties.

Although men are taking up more of the work around the house, doing an extra hour week, women are still doing the lion’s share.

“Our attitudes have shifted a lot more than our behaviour,” Professor Wilkins.

“Our behaviour hasn’t shifted as much especially when kids arrive on the scene.”

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