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Tourists to see more of Harbour Bridge as new operator clinches contract

After almost two decades, the company leading climbers across the southern arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will change.

The operators of Scenic World in the Blue Mountains, Hammons Holdings have been awarded the 20-year contract, beating out 12 other competitors.

Director of Hammon’s Holdings David Hammon tells Ben Fordham they want to expand the bridge and make more areas accessible.

“We’re just going to work closely with RMS over the 20 years of the contract to bring as many new parts of the bridge to the public as we can.”

Although Ben is keen on the idea of a bridge bungee jump, David isn’t so sure.

“I don’t know if you’re allowed to do bungee jumping in New South Wales anymore but keep sending me your ideas.”

The new contract starts in October but tickets purchased before then will remain valid.

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